Apache 2 and PHP 5 on Mac OS X

Lest I forget to post about it later tonight, LaughingMeme has a short and sweet on compiling and installing both Apache 2 and 5 on . Thanks to the gods of synchronicity, I had actually started compiling 5 yesterday and only stopped cold due to not having libxml2 and a relatively updated Fink.

If I find the time to do this on my iBook, I'll take the time to expand on it and explore:

  • providing an -like startup script
  • replacing (in a reversible fashion) the built-in Apache install, including interaction with mod_rendezvous, System Preferences, etc.
  • adding/configuring my usual custom set of extensions (which may or may not be part of 5 now):

All this, of course, provided I can find the time.