Once Every Four Years

So it's February 29th, and things in the news front are, to put it bluntly, less than interesting. Mind you, Michael's new design is nice and clean, and got me wondering - this site has been tweaked into its current shape over several months, but I feel tempted to start doing more changes.

Instead, I picked up my again and started trying to graft Bayesian filtering onto Feed On Feeds (completely trashing my Bayesian library in the process). After a week of on-and-off C coding (squeezing in 5-minute hacks in between meetings),  feels a lot smoother...

Not To Be Missed

Despite not being much of a comic book person, I had the good fortune to be educated in that field by an architect friend of mine who pushed all his brand new Enki Bilal albums into my hands every time I stopped over. I distinctly remember "La Femme Piége" and the vivid, organic drawings that Bilal churned out, so watching the trailer for Immortel was nothing short of amazing - it's not every day you see a comic book come to life.

For those not in the know, the trailer's aesthetics are quite similar to the city scenes in The Fifth Element - but if the movie follows the plot of Bilal's books, it's bound to be a lot more immersive.


And now, the ultimate Mozilla slimming effort: