So the Windows source is out. What's the big deal? As zillions of people point out, it's been available to quite a few entities before. The sport now resides in the likely leak being close to being identified and lots of speculation on the likely consequences.

The Register doesn't get everything right, though: This story on Mono and is one of the most clueless (and blatantly biased) pieces I've seen in a while, and completely misses the point of Mono. But then, the author earns a living selling tools. Form your own opinion.

Cisco goes from LEAP to EAP-FAST

Oh boy. Since LEAP wasn't successful as a "de facto" standard and nobody but would adopt PEAP, Cisco now decided to add to the utter mess of EAP standards with something they call EAP-FAST. Expect Cisco's RADIUS server to take one year to support it fully and Radiator to handle it perfectly a few months after the spec goes public.

Firefox (the Browser, Reloaded) Logo

I'm really liking Firefox 0.8, to the point where I've started removing Mozilla from my installs (I still prefer for general use on , but I see myself using Firefox for testing CSS designs). Via K, a nice overview of how the new logo/icon came about.

New Wireless iPAQ

Via BargainPDA, the Pocket PC/iPAQ 6300: