Vodafone 3G Launch

Vodafone announced early today the commercial launch of its services in Europe. The first service from Vodafone is the Vodafone Mobile Connect / datacard, which is Europe's first high speed lap top datacard.

And Portugal is (obviously) in the front line: the datacard will be available in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK over the next four weeks - we've been doing local trials for a good while now, keeping well in sync with our global colleagues.

Local Press Releases: EN, PT.

And that's enough advertising - back to non-work related topics... OK, not strictly related topics, then:

Core 2 Test 1

If you like living dangerously (and if the site isn't congested already) you can get the 4 ISO files here (look for the test 1.90 directory). Besides the 2.6 kernel, you get Gnome 2.5 (which will be 2.6 on final release) and KDE 3.2. One way to update is using apt like this, but I'll definetly hold off using it on any machines I rely on until it reaches release status.

Atom Making Waves

Russell has posted a long rant on Atom, and I must say that I concur with his views: using PUTs and DELETEs the way they do gives me the creeps, and as a sysadmin it would be a pain to fiddle with Apache every time some hosted site wanted to be able use them with Atom.

Russell also lead me to a Series 60 application called PhotoBlog (apparently only for the ) that uses it.

Oh, and by the way, has a new beta out that supports Atom feeds. I suppose I'll have to start looking at providing an Atom feed here too...

For The Series 60

Also via Russell, I found that Mobitopia has screenshots of running on the - here's one of three, check their site for more:

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