Lost In Translation

Oh, you mean the movie?. No (although it's nice to see an American movie that makes you think for a change). Actually, I've spent a while trying to hack my build of PhpWiki to support Japanese characters - and failed miserably. Oh, sure, there's a quick and dirty approach to it (just throw UTF-8 at it and trust the gods of i18n), but I'm a stickler for doing things the right way (cheap criticism is easy, hard-boiled code is another). I don't think I'll have a proper solution until I either upgrade to a newer build or move to CoWiki - which will be a while, since the 5 custom build I'm running on my dev box feels a bit strange.

I suppose I'll get used to it. What I can't get used to is the lack of spare time.


Following up on my , I discovered mt-daapd, which has a package available. I am keeping the old HOWTO available, but I'll probably migrate to mt-daapd some time in the future, since it apparently supports dynamic playlists. The old daemon is very stable, though.