• 12 Myths of Mobile Device User-Interface Design. All of them pretty obvious to anyone except manufacturers and gadget freaks...
  • Apple finally released a WPA update for older AirPort cards through Software Update (AirPort 3.3), levelling Wi-Fi security support throughout its range. Older base stations, however, aren't upgradeable.
  • I've apparently been nominated for Best Designed Portuguese Blog. I haven't the faintest idea why, how, or by whom (or any other information besides this link I picked up on Referrers). As in all things Portuguese and webloggish, the outcome is likely to be determined by fandom and lobbying rather than objective criteria (otherwise Eduardo or Joana would be sure winners), but it's a nice surprise nonetheless.
  • Apparently there's something wrong with 3G. Some good points, some bad points, some utterly clueless bits, but a thought-provoking text nonetheless. I, for one, think it will make a difference, but won't hazard a guess - predictions are nearly always useless, any which way.
  • The 101 Dumbest Moments In Business - I make it a point of buying Business 2.0 every year because of this and compare it with last year's. There is a 102nd dumb item, though - the list (and the magazine) is almost totally US-centric. There is a world economy, you know...

Usenet Lives On

Ten years ago, we'd have given an arm and a leg for a newsreader like this:

It's amazing, extremely well designed, but nearly useless with today's spam-filled and badly kept NNTP servers - so they thrown in a subscription to a commercial NNTP service. Oh well.