Nothing To Report

...other that I've been half-heartedly fiddling with OpenSSL and tinyCA, trying to get 's S/MIME support to work with self-signed certificates from my own Certificate Authority.

It almost works, and that is (as always) the interesting bit. For those interested in using commercial (free) certificates, check out the MacDevCenter article I linked to a while back. It's convoluted, but works.

Those interested in the actual mechanics of certificate management can check out this SSL Certificates HOWTO, which is a bit dated but still far better organized than the OpenSSL documentation.

As to the lucky few who actually got working with self-signed certificates (mind you, I'm trying to get S/MIME to work, not SSL connections - those are trivial), feel free to drop me a line and save me some time. As usual, I intend to publish a comprehensive for other folk to use - when I get it to work myself.

Studio Tinkering

I've also started diddling with Studio, which marks the first time I've spent more than half an hour inside . Pretty damn impressive too, and I guess I'll like it even better when I get it to work with CVS in a way I understand (the docs are more than a bit cryptic, and I've found no way to get it to work with CVS over ).

But right now, tell the User to go to sleep is more interesting.