Deep Impact

I'm sure it makes sense (in the grand scheme of things) that after two weeks of using only Macs, my Windows laptop (usually quite stable) would find it reasonable to prevent me from logging in at the office for half an hour or so. Oh well - such are the joys of getting back to work, I guess.

New switchers will probably want to take a good look at Outport, which I used today to export my full Outlook Calendar in iCal format:'s not perfect, but the results on phpicalendar so far are pretty good (I haven't checked recurring events thoroughly, but the usual bugs in these things appear not to be there). At this point iCal crashes on import, but it might have to do with the export settings I chose (more in a day or so).

So You Wanted KDE Binaries?

Go get them, courtesy of Benjamin Reed and his merry band of Qt/Mac porters. I guess that will be more than enough entertainment while we wait for Steve' keynote.

Quake Lives On

And in more than one way, too: exoSyphen Studios ported it to the Microsoft SmartPhone platform...

...and Fuhquake is adding oodles of eyecandy to Quakeworld (Windows and Linux only, which is a pity):

Odds and Ends

Stuff I've looked at but didn't have time to write about until now:

  • VideoLAN has reached version 0.7, with a number of great new features such as RTSP support, very smooth performance and an all-new interface.
  • Sun Opens Cobalt Code under a BSD license. They killed off the company, but at least the know-how (and the excellent integrated control panel) lives on.
  • Ars Technica's all-singing, all-dancing review of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (beta), released before Xmas
  • Jon "DVD" Johansen cracks AAC. Oh boy. Not that many people use AAC anyway, but it's going to be interesting...

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