mySQL Navigation Warning

After trying to help out Michael with a flaky mySQL install on his PowerBook (we also went through my PHP and revised it for ), I have found that the current mySQL 4.1.1-alpha does not install correctly on . It might be a packaging issue or an install script bug, but the fact is that it had incorrect table permissions (and what looked like a buggy default database) and wasn’t easily fixable.

I didn’t want Michael to be running something liable to give him trouble later and the Fink package wasn’t an option at this point (too much extra cruft), so I went out and looked at the Server Logistics Complete mySQL package, which has a number of neat aspects:

  • Painless installation of 4.0.15 (reasonably up to date)
  • Has a very nice, simple yet detailed installation with uninstall notes (always a plus if you want to upgrade later)
  • Bundles a nice Preference Pane to start, stop and (re-)initialize mySQL (as well as a quick way to change the root password).

As to GUI interfaces for managing the beast, I’m partial to (or the more traditional web-based phpMyAdmin, which is great for servers).