Catching Up

A lot of stuff is catching up with me these days, from the usual "I told-you-so" arguments I had with people a couple of months back (and which I'm mostly winning so far) to my management course (I'm in, and will be attending starting January 14h, no matter what). There are still oodles of things left by the wayside, like getting a decent grip on , taming my pet swarm of RSS feeds with some kind of Bayesian filter, making sure my Wi-Fi work doesn't go to waste and, of course, buying gifts.

Being only human, a lot of that isn't done yet. Nevertheless, looking at clever hacks like this T610 address book handler makes me wistful. I'm also fascinated by the amount of new mobile phone-oriented weblogs popping up (unfortunately not all like Rael's MobileWhack) - old fogies like me can rant on and on about the time when there wasn't a single one worth reading, and how we're fast approaching the rarefied end of the signal-to-noise ratio...

When Mobile Phones Get Patched At Home

It looks like the P900 can be updated by the user, which, since the thing is still more of a phone than a PDA (and debatably good at being either), heralds the onset of an age where you no longer have to wait a couple of weeks for it to get back from a service center with a new firmware version.

However, and given our civilization's track record on allowing manufacturers to ship utterly flawed products out the door and fix them later (pick any variety of Windows you care to name) without making them liable in any way (pick any EULA you may have come across lately - you do read them, don't you?), my guess is that this (together with the new Smartphone frenzy) is the beginning of the end of the reliable mobile phone.

Mobile Windows Update, here we come...