Spent a couple of hours patching Ethereal and testing the results (just sent in the patch, hope it makes it into CVS soon). Amazing how counting byte offsets inside packets is a recurring task in my life (ISDN nearly ten years back, RADIUS today). In the meantime, Virtual PC struggled to run Windows Update, confirming my theory that I spend twice as much time managing XP than all my Macs and UNIX boxes put together.

There are some fun bits, though. A friend of mine just bought an eMac, and his first few words on MSN when I logged in were "it took me half an hour to eject the CD on this thing". I guess Windows is mind-numbing...

You Mean Those Games Can Be Copied?

Russel finally wrote about (and photographed) one of the obvious issues with MIDP games (and mobile phone software, generally): It's trivial to copy them. So trivial, in fact, that there is much more DRM awareness in operators than people generally give them credit for (but that's another matter). The best bit for me, though, was Nokia's tacit endorsement of the MAME port (I wonder if they know about the illegal ROM files necessary to run it).

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