The N-Gage, Cracked?

Oh boy... Apparently someone was able to get an N-Gage game to play on an SX1, and there is even a set of alledged photos (could be artful Photoshopping).

If this is true, then it's going to be very tough to get publishers to sign on to the N-Gage.

Rendezvous Photography

Well, you learn something new every day. It turns out you can share your digital camera using Rendezvous using the Image Capture applet, and take pictures remotely. I wonder if it will work with my Sony cameras...

More Aliasing Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Daring Fireball looks at text rendering in Panther. Having waited around 4 years to get all my OSes running with properly anti-aliased text, I found this a very nice read.

Bunch of Quickies

  • The Palm Wireless Keyboard (neat, but somewhat bulky)
  • IE gets a pop-up blocker. Late, but probably the best way to get through advertiser's thick skulls that pop-up ads are useless. What next? Tabbed browsing?
  • The Samsung i600 is out (across the Atlantic from me, but nevertheless interesting)
  • Microsoft ups the ante for its smartphone licensees - they now have to manufacture 100.000 units minimum.