Nokia Moves In On Psion, And Other Ramblings

Spotted here. Makes sense, of course, but may scare off other Symbian partners and nullify Nokia's edge against in the mobile phone market (after all, everyone agrees that Symbian will only be of any use to Nokia if they can get other manufacturers to use it - not just themselves and SonyEricsson).

The Symbian alliance does look a bit lopsided these days. SonyEricsson still hasn't killed off its hideous T610 platform (although pieces of it like Mophun support have already died an ignominious death), Samsung is betting on all horses (they now have Series 60, Palm and smartphones, which can get pretty confusing), and Motorola quit rather noisily a while back.

Despite Motorola not being a real menace to Nokia's dominance, the fact that it has started to deliver smartphones, together with Vodafone's public shift in suppliers (and its recently announced contest to develop mobile applications atop services) are only a few visible hints of the sort of pressure Nokia might be under these days.

And, knowing the juggernaut and their ability to leverage inter-platform integration (which is precisely what their smartphones are aiming at, with integration and other corporate-oriented niceties), it's only bound to get worse. 2004 promises to be an interesting year.


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