Nothing Much Happened Today

At least, I don't think so. History buffs will immediately relate the title above to King George III's diary entry of July 4, 1776, but in this day of global newscasts and weblogs, any sort of revolution on distant lands would make itself known immediately.

Tech news were almost completely uninteresting, too - and what little there was of interest I can't comment upon.

Goes Brushed Metal

Oh, and to Brent Simmon's likely chagrin, I've gone and diddled my copy of Lite to make the main window have a brushed metal look - it doesn't look half bad, but I won't try to foist my opinion on anybody.

Actually, the reason I did it was this article, which explains the differences between brushed metal "browsers" and Aqua "spatial" orientation. NetNewsWire, no matter what people think, is a browser - for RSS feeds - and, as such, is more consistent in brushed metal, at least for me.