Bunch Of Quickies

I'm preparing to go off and see the new Matrix movie (yeah, it's the geek herding instinct catching up with me, but I'll definetly form my own opinion on it), so here are a few interesting things I found:

  • The Nokia Movie Shorts site caught my eye somewhere (can't remember where). Very neat, and another harbinger of things to come.
  • There is a Remote Desktop client available for Palm OS now, which means you can take your desktop with you (provided you find some way for the bits to get there).
  • I spotted a number of interesting Mac OS X tricks, like enabling graphing in the calculator, user switching at the prompt and something else entirely I seem to have misplaced.
  • Oh, it was the new Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X. I wonder if it will play all those proprietary formats we're stuck with on PCs?
  • There's a Toast update out, which is nice to know if (like me) you're looking at buying a DVD recorder (I now need roughly 3 discs to backup my photo collection, and e-mail isn't exactly evaporating either).
  • On the PDA front, there are two updates of note:
  • The Science Fiction Department found two items of note:
    • The Bluetooth 1.2 Core Specs are final, which means you'll now have yet another flavour of it to deal with (it can't all be improvements)
    • The Gartner Group predicts that Microsoft will triumph over Symbian on the mobile phone wars (business segment). Remember, folks, these were the guys who presented ever-rising graphs of Internet business revenues a couple of years back.
  • I also found a brand new BlackBerry 7230 review (via Gizmodo)

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