ADSL Outage

The Portugal Telecom ADSL network had a minor outage today in the south of the country, affecting all other ADSL providers. Wind conditions are normal, with a slight sea breeze. No rain is expected to be forthcoming for the remainder of the day.

Vodafone Woof!

Now this is amazing. J-Phone (recently rebranded) sells phone software add-ons like... a dog translator?

The TV Tuner looked more interesting, if you ask me...

Distributed Compiling in Mac OS X

Ben Reed has been using distcc (that other hidden marvel from the Samba folks) to further his conversion of Fink packages to Panther. Very neat, indeed.

Bluetooth, the T610 and my Mac

Despite having seen the corresponding article for Windows XP, I had unforgivably missed out on the great Use Bluetooth for SMS article, which demonstrates a great Address Book feature I knew nothing about: it lets you write and reply to SMS messages on your Mac, popping up instant notifications of incoming messages and calls.

I have been carrying around a T610 again these past two days to test Bluetooth connectivity to my Pocket PC/iPAQ 2210, and this works flawlessly with it (haven't tried it with my usual Nokia 7650 yet).

Now this is interesting (and downright useful). Doesn't work with MMS, though.

iBook Toys

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