Hatboxes and Qubes

I've spent a few hours diddling with our previously dead Qube, and after swapping all its RAM for fresher, more reliable chips, am in the painstakingly messy process of installing RedHat 9 on it - which is, I believe, a world first (previous attempts focused on 8.0), and likely to propel my soul a few millimetres towards full geekdom. You can view the draft over on the Sandbox (if it isn't there by the time you read this, then it's finished and in the HOWTO section).

Given its different hardware (it's not a PC - it has no BIOS, no concept of a screen, no nothing), it requires a custom bootstrap kernel to be loaded via NFS - but I'll spare you the gory details for now. On with the show...

Halo on the Mac again?

According to Sci-Fi Hi-Fi, Halo has reached beta on Mac OS X. Whether or not it will run properly on anything below a G5 is, of course, not an issue - after all, it isn't Doom III. News of which, by the way, are rather thin on the ground for a few weeks now.

The P900 Pops Up All Over The Place

Via The Register, links to P900 reviews:

We'll see if it crashes as often as the P800. At least the keypad now uses actual buttons, instead of digging little pockmarks into the touchscreen...

Geek Toy Of The Day

The Linksys Integrated KVM switch. Works great (PS/2 only), takes up zero space (you switch between PCs using the Scroll Lock key). Useless for Mac users, but great for people who dump their PCs in closets like me.

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