Palm Launches

The often-leaked Tungsten T3, Tungsten E and Zire 21 are officially out today.

The Tungsten E, despite the lower price and nice feature set looks like a near-miss, though. If I were to upgrade from my (dead) m505, I'd expect getting Bluetooth as well.

And with all the brouhaha about Wi-Fi these days, it's a shame the Tungsten T3 only supports Bluetooth. Maybe a bundle with an SDIO card is in the works, but Palm had nearly a full year to do something about this, and zilch.

Oh well. Nevertheless, the T3 is impressive, and its 320x480 screen will most likely give rise to a whole new set of applications. Despite my recent purchase of a 2210, I'll definetly be checking the T3 out when it reaches the stores, since I'm curious as to what other improvements have been made (the handbook is not at all clear on the interesting tidbits like browser and e-mail capabilities)

Update: InfoSync already has reviews of the T3, E and Zire 21.

PalmInfoCenter has a T3 review too, plus a great set of T3 screenshots.

What's On Your Dock?

A neat article over at O'Reilly. My docks usually have , Terminal, Hydra, , (Lite, to force me to finish ), Fire, , Terminal Services and 's X. The rest goes into a shortcuts folder to keep the clutter away.