Je regrete que mon Français soit atroce (je ne le pratique pas du tout), mais je ne peux pas manquer la chance de vous souhaiter une bonne visite.

Yeah, I noticed a bunch of referrers from Merci. Kinda embarassing being at the top of the list, though.

I've long gotten past the switching phase - For the record, I now own an iMac and a 12" iBook. My XP box went in a closet, and there is a varying amount of headless Linux boxes around, but the only things I really use are the Macs. If people got through their heads that a Mac is actually cheaper (all things considered) than even your typical corporate laptop-on-steroids, I'd get one for my office as well.

I don't actually think of myself as a "Switcher" anymore. Looking back, it's like there was nothing worth switching from, no discontinuity - the Mac just feels right, like it was always there. Okay, there is the "single mouse button" syndrome, but I was prepared and got a real mouse anyway...

Funny thing is, I think I was pegged as a "Switcher" because of the site header, and the only reason why the header still reads "tales of a Switcher" instead of "keeping technology simple" (after all, I'm writing more about phones and PDAs than Macs these days) is my utter lack of time. I really should finish the new SiteHeaders...

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