Don't Try This At Home

Fancy disassembling your brand new 15" PowerBook? (lots of pictures)

iCal and iSync any day now

Also via MacRumors, new features for either.

Cygwin 1.5.5

Finally an update to fix the hideous Ctrl-C bug that was bothering me (it renders CPAN almost unusable, for instance).

The G5 arrives in Portugal

Yeah, sure you could pre-order, go to one of the (awfully under-publicised) Mac events promoting it, etc. But now you can actually go over to a shop and buy one - that's when a product is really available.

VNC Beta 4 Release Notes

I've just come across the VNC Beta 4 Release Notes, which are full of interesting stuff for all platforms (most notably the Java viewer enhancements, which I'll be exploring later).

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