Flash for the Series 60

Via Russel Beattie, I just found out Flash MX 2004 includes templates for Series 60 devices. The news came originally from AdM+Partners, and the image above straight from Macromedia's site.

This was hinted at earlier this year, but so far the Nokia player failed to materialize. I guess it should pop up anytime soon and hope that we get proper MMS support for it, since it would enable some extremely neat services (and no, I'm not talking about advertising. I'd never go back to any WAP site that used Flash ads).

I, for one, already have plans for using this. I currently generate daily summaries of site traffic and send them to myself over MMS as an animated GIF - a bulky and unwieldly method that I would gladly replace with some Flash magic.

Happy Birthday Google!

As usual, the guys changed their logo to a very neat variation:

Who Needs Graffiti Anyway?

Dana was recently upgraded (PDF) to support Wi-Fi. Too bad it's still monochrome and runs an outdated version, but then it's aimed at schools, so...