New iMacs and iPods

Apple announced two new iMac models today, with 1GHz (and 1.25GHz) CPUs, USB 2.0, Airport Extreme (802.11g), Bluetooth, and NVidia graphics cards.

My own original 800MHz 15" flat panel still rocks, though. It's amazing how much mileage I got from it this year, and how little need I feel for an upgrade. Now there's one thing I don't miss - the PC gigahertz rat race and its yearly upgrades.

There are new iPods, too: 20 and 40GB.

Tungsten W Update

Via PalmInfoCenter, good news regarding Palms, web browsers and the like - a Tungsten W update that fixes most of the annoying things I noted earlier.

  • First off, WebPro was replaced by a proxyless version - a major improvement in my regard.
  • GPRS network attachment was improved (and it was fast when I tested it a while back
  • Improved VersaMail
  • Key lock (I did well without it, but for some people it would definetly be a problem)

My hope is that most of the software enhancements on VersaMail and WebPro will find their way into the Tungsten T3.

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