Houston, we have liftoff

Since I needed someplace to take notes, I set up ErfurtWiki on a tiny P100. Plus Perl to do some scripting.

(Ye Gods, Perl 5.8.0 takes forever to compile on this thing - 24 hours or so, plus CPAN stuff I could gladly live without...)

Okay, we're in business. isn't the best way to be online where I am (lots of latency and, I suppose, transmission errors due to the blasted hotels around here), but it gives me an IP address to work from.

And, what may you ask, does the discerning Geek take on vacation? Here's your answer:

  • Books. LOTS of books.
  • Four digital cameras (that is, including the ones inside the phones)
  • an iBook (in order to actually use that IP address with a Bluetooth connection to a Nokia )
  • an (to while away the hours while reading)
  • a 120GB drive (aha! got you by surprise - it's a full replica of my office hard disk, in case I need something from it, plus a nice way to store all those photos)
  • a (plus a set of games I never got round to finish)

Yeah, I know, I'm hopeless.

Some Things Take Time

(besides editing stuff on this box... Christ, I wish I had Wi-Fi nearby.)

Just as I was packing for my holiday, I found a GSmart Mini 2 driver for that even lets you import stills into iPhoto.

That's why I ended up bringing four digicams altogether (besides my "regular" Sony gear and the ) - The GSmart Mini 2 is a great little thing for casual photos, because even though the picture quality sucks when compared to a "real" camera, the images have a "warm" feel to them.

CSS Techniques of note

A new text/image replacement technique. Bit kludgy, if you ask me - comments on stylesheets shouldn't be used like that.