New Photo Album

OK. It was about time I chucked out the old Photo Album and got the new one working. Which it does on Applications/Safari, Mozilla and IE. The JavaScript scroller is a bit finicky, but I think I can fix that later. Caching was improved, too - all URLs now look more like static URLs, including the ones supplied to the Photo RSS Feed.

The usual To Do list follows:

  • Add date-based navigation (it's mostly there, but the calendar looks horrible and I can't be bothered to fix it at 4am)
  • Regenerate the photo database from the original 2 and 5 megapixel files - gonna take some time...
  • Add EXIF data (partially done, but hidden, since none of the current files have EXIF tags - those are only on the original files)
  • Add a "dumb" view for Series 60 phones and PDAs (a non-JavaScript view that allows full navigation but not links to the full images)
  • Add some sort of slideshow (I have just the thing for that, an old script from the days...)
  • Add a "last photos" sidebar to the rest of the site.
  • Take more photos

I hope you like the new layout - I'ts supposed to be as simple to use as possible while allowing me to go back in time at will to specific dates (something I often need to do with photos). It's also a prototype for another (internal) photo archive I have.

Dive Into XP

Mark Pilgrim has a most entertaining account of his Windows XP reinstall. having recently underwent a similar (admittedly shorter) experience, I feel his pain. Nevertheless, I couldn't help but laugh when reading about it.

Office for Mac OS X gets better Exchange support

Just read this over at MacNN, and wonder for how long we'll be stuck with Entourage on Mac OS X (I hate the Entourage UI). I also wonder how many of the new features like scheduling actually require a server-side upgrade (my guess is that they require the WebDAV support built into the new version). No downloads yet, though. Bummer.