New Photo Album

OK. It was about time I chucked out the old Photo Album and got the new one working. Which it does on , Mozilla and . The JavaScript scroller is a bit finicky, but I think I can fix that later. Caching was improved, too - all URLs now look more like static URLs, including the ones supplied to the Photo RSS Feed.

The usual To Do list follows:

  • Add date-based navigation (it's mostly there, but the calendar looks horrible and I can't be bothered to fix it at 4am)
  • Regenerate the photo database from the original 2 and 5 megapixel files - gonna take some time...
  • Add data (partially done, but hidden, since none of the current files have tags - those are only on the original files)
  • Add a "dumb" view for Series 60 phones and PDAs (a non-JavaScript view that allows full navigation but not links to the full images)
  • Add some sort of slideshow (I have just the thing for that, an old script from the days...)
  • Add a "last photos" sidebar to the rest of the site.
  • Take more photos

I hope you like the new layout - I'ts supposed to be as simple to use as possible while allowing me to go back in time at will to specific dates (something I often need to do with photos). It's also a prototype for another (internal) photo archive I have.

Dive Into

Mark Pilgrim has a most entertaining account of his Windows reinstall. having recently underwent a similar (admittedly shorter) experience, I feel his pain. Nevertheless, I couldn't help but laugh when reading about it.

for gets better support

Just read this over at MacNN, and wonder for how long we'll be stuck with Entourage on (I hate the Entourage UI). I also wonder how many of the new features like scheduling actually require a server-side upgrade (my guess is that they require the WebDAV support built into the new version). No downloads yet, though. Bummer.