Thunderbird 0.1 is Out.

Joy and Jubilation ensue, until you read the release notes and find out you have to completely trash your old install.

Oh well. That's progress for you, I guess.

Maximum Stress

Will be mostly offline and actively pursuing a whole slew of maddeningly delayed issues at work.

At this time, instead of the three documents I'm supposed to write, I find myself with enough material for a full-blown post-Internet-bubble organizational critique, complete with Dickensian characters and deep and meaningful visions in the best Tom Peters style.

I wish I was working abroad. Portugal is one of the few places I know where "to manage" actually means "to make do with whatever's available" and not "to allocate work responsibly and proceed in an orderly fashion towards a common goal".

It never is about the technology. It's about the people, and proper allocation of responsibility, authority, and control. Just you try pushing against cosy buddy-buddy relationships to get work done...

Yeah, I'm being wasted herding cats again. And opinionated ones, at that. Kudos to rage, who came through with the latest Café del Mar album - the only thing that can cut through all this pointless corporate cruft and provide some well-needed relaxation.