So You Think Mobile Blogging is Cool?

While most Geek wannabes are out posting photos and random ramblings from their mobile phones (something we took for granted at a couple of years ago), has taken a much more natural approach:

Using Anoto technology (which is basically a CCD-enabled pen that tracks motion over pages printed with a special pattern), they have started a kind of handwritten blogs, making the equivalent of 127 A4 pages available to the (admittedly minuscule) community of Anoto users and using an exceedingly clever Flash renderer to make the pages viewable.

Now that is an innovative concept. Moblogging is so last Tuesday...

Amazing Flash Link of the Day

Via rage, an amazing recursive photo. Mesmerizing... Must... Look away... from the ugly bearded Geek...

Hydra gets HTML Preview

Hydra just got bumped to version 1.1.1, which uses the Applications/Safari engine to show an HTML preview of what you're editing:

Very neat. But with the availablilty of Howl, I think the time has come for Windows and Linux ports - not that I'd like to share my colleagues' code, but it would definetly be useful for tweaking configuration files and building queries...

Counter Snapshot

Whoa. Just when I'm planning a temporary shutdown of the site due to my impending vacation, I find out I have a record number of visits/views... And no, it's not bots.