Photo Tweaks

The never-ending reshaping of my photo album is nearly at an end, with most of the basic navigation and CSS layout issues resolved over at the playground. No, it still won't scroll for IE users. It's a browser bug, and one I'll work around in the final version, but not until then.

Image browsing, resizing, and server-side caching (including URL masquerading and Last-Modified/If-Modified-Since header handling to fool caches into returning the images faster) work flawlessly, and will be rolled in to my core PHP library when the dust settles.

Next up:

  • A complete rebuild of the photo database from the original 50GB archive
  • EXIF info alongside the pictures
  • Full time-oriented navigation (i.e., a calendar)
  • Big (800x600) versions of all photos.

All this sometime before Xmas, if work keeps piling up like the past couple of months...

Wi-Fi Camera

DPReview has a detailed preview of the new Nikon D2H. Amazingly enough, the camera has an optional 802.11b adapter that allows it to act as an FTP client, uploading images to a server on the fly.

A year back, we had a couple of Bluetooth-enabled Sony cameras. Now, you can EtherPEG somebody else's photos right off the air. That's progress for you :)

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