After a 6-hour trance, I've finished Karl Schroeder's Permanence, a good (if occasionally a bit sketchy) Sci-Fi book. It has echoes of both Peter Hamilton's Night Dawn Trilogy and Frederik Pohl's Gateway, and helped to flush out a lot of the week's accumulated stress.

In another week I'll be on vacation (surfing the Internet on a trickle), so it was kind of fun to read that going on vacation lowers your IQ.

Development Stuff

I've added all my proposed rss2pop3 enhancements as tickets/to dos, cleaned out a lot of miscellaneous trash from the PhpWiki sources, added a brand-new Index and got DotGraph working. Sort of.

All this and actual (office) work, too. And on a Saturday. My my, you might think we were back on Internet Time once more...