Work In Progress

Several (mildly derailed) trains of thought:

  • Finally got the nerve to snarf all my PhpWiki patches over a laughably slow ADSL>>ADSL link over to another of my boxes and hack the internals a bit more. Some breakage of this site may ensue. Or it may not. Only reason I'm doing this anyway is that I desperately need file attachments on my company Wiki.

  • Cocoon runs pretty decently on 10.2.4, even without the oh-soooooo-delayed 1.4.1 that should be popping up on Software Update any day now. It totally barfs on the Cobalt-bundled version of Tomcat, though. Isn't technology amazing?

  • Still on the Cobalt/RAQ550 topic, I've been patiently working towards setting up 4.3.1 with XSLT support on a RAQ550. If you're interested, check out my RAQ550/Packages page for progress so far (rebuilding SRPMs from 8.0 seems to be the cleanest - and most important, easily reproducible - way to do this)

  • Been fiddling with MIDP on my (damn near non-existent) spare time - even got some of the toolkits for the Series 60 to install and run on , but will most likely resort to running Forte over X from my box - it's just way simpler to setup, even though I have a feeling simply copying the files across after installing and firing it up on will work.

  • Server-based computing is all the rage again. It has to be, when I can be working from my iBook, my , my bad-ass / corporate laptop or the battered Toshiba I keep around with (and that I have to use once in a while, lest the battery turn into moldy sludge). Thirteen years later, I'm back to using X. Go figure.

(If only there was a decent server for , I could save session state on the server side and cut down on bandwidth... can be pretty pokey sometimes.)

  • Still no decent way to keep my RSS feeds in sync, or even getting a decent client running on . Syndirella and are a pleasure to use, NewsMonster sucks bigtime, Straw needs arcane versions of libraries, Peerkat can't parse half the things I actually need to read (esp. internal feeds from our CVS).

  • OpenOffice munged my slides again. Duh. No real point in running it on at this point - it's still not up to the real standard. 's is lagging a bit behind (custom animation fx are different from the version), but works far better. Now if only I could turn off all the wimpy sound effects...

  • I've also been doing a lot of work lately. Mostly RADIUS (vanilla and 802.1x auth) and security, but leaving arpwatch running on some of my boxes gave some hilarious results.

Idle Surfing

Stuff of notice:

  • Shane (the guy who created uControl, whose latest version was sadly pulled due to an alleged patent violation on an obscure keyboard remapping feature) figured out how to add Emacs keybindings to and, get this, a talking cat.
  • Rael Dornfest has been merging Tiki and Bloxsom, further adding some weight to my assertion that Wikis and weblogs are merging fast.
  • Dave Hyatt has hypothetically fixed some hypothetical bugs on a hypothetical leaked version of . Hope that includes the humungous cookie handling bugs...