Window Managers

Window managers on (and ) are auxiliary programs that try to complement the system’s own handling of windows, and are not as powerful as window managers. However, there are a few exceptions, and as I started using bigger and bigger (and more) displays I’ve been using them more and more.


Apps are listed as primarily keyboard or mouse driven even though most support both kinds of input.

Category Platform Link Notes
Automatic Tiling Windows Amethyst Windows An XMonad-like tiling window manager for Windows
Workspacer Also XMonad-like, configurable via C#
macOS Amethyst An XMonad-like tiling window manager for the Mac
Keyboard Driven Windows win-vind vim keys everywhere
macOS ShiftIt My fork of ShiftIt, which was somewhat popular among my colleagues at SAPO.
Magnet simple, straightforward, very effective, available in the App Store
Moom My 2012-2021 window manager, which allows you to store predefined layouts but isn't scriptable
Mouse Driven Windows FancyZones Arguably the best Windows 10 PowerToy, has awesome zone snapping features that have (so far) no equivalent. Excellent for multiple displays.
macOS Hookshot Actually a mix of keyboard and mouse driven actions, but very much mouse driven with quick actions.
Divvy traditional, quick mouse-drawn window snapping (Moom implements a similar approach)
Scriptable spacehammer A prebuilt, highly sophisticated Fennel configuration for Hammerspoon
Autumn a very nice, also JavaScript scriptable window manager that includes an IDE. In May 2021, the IDE hangs up weirdly in Big Sur, so I opted for Phoenix instead.
Phoenix my current (2021) choice, fully scriptable in JavaScript. Has replaced both Moom and Amethyst for me with this config.
Hammerspoon Scriptable in Lua or Fennel

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