OneDrive is Microsoft’s file synchronization service, available for most platforms (except Linux).

On macOS it has a number of relevant shortcomings when compared to Dropbox, namely:

  • Inability to sync with macOS extended attributes
  • Inability to sync various macOS filenames (limited to the subset of valid Windows filenames)
  • Severe performance issues when using tens of thousands of small files
  • Occasional data loss when conflicting with Office 365 applications (which use the OneDrive API themselves, directly)
  • A persistent bug that drives CPU usage to 100%, which has annoyed me for years
  • Lack of feature parity (as of September 2000, Personal Vault is still not supported on macOS)

On Windows, it is notorious for using SharePoint libraries as a backing store for OneDrive for Business (like Teams).


Category Date Link Notes
Clients 2019 abraunegg/onedrive the best (or at least most actively maintained) Linux client, written in D