Microsoft’s Outlook replacement for Mac OS X, part of the Office suite. It can talk to Exchange servers via SSL-wrapped WebDAV, but will occasionally break if your OWA is customized. Or if you just look at it funny.


Date Link Notes
Mar 3 Use AppleScript to read ActiveSync Sent Items in Entourage From where I got “this very fast script”:cid:fixsentmail.scpt.zip to fix the messages mis-formatted by an ActiveSync bug. The thing was driving me crazy.
Mar 2 Backup individual items Wherein the basic export to mbox feature via drag-and-drop is mentioned.
Older Paul Berkowitz’s Scripts A bunch of really useful scripts for 2004 (and 2008)
The Entourage Help Page Vent your frustration
Send Complex HTML Plugin gets around the extremely crummy editor.

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