Public Notice

The webmaster has taken ill, but thanks to his ingrained dislike of sitting in front of a general practitioner and being poked at, prodded and peered at (or in) through the usual multitude of cold, steely devices that are supposed to distinguish the learned professionals of the medical sciences from, say, your average friendly witch doctor in the nether regions of Congo, expects to be able to make a partial recovery in time to attend at least one meeting at the office today.

He will then (hopefully) come to his senses (or not, depending on the kind and color of pills he eventually has to take) and go home to at least take advantage of the relative peace and quiet he can obtain by switching his marvelous, state-of-the art UMTS phone off and type up some overdue documents, since it's pretty damn obvious that four meetings a day make it impossible to GAD (not a typo) and that Outlook Calendar should be outlined in thick black bars and carry a government health warning.

In the meantime, he would like to send a heartfelt thank you to his readership for paying him a bedside visit and issue a special token of appreciation to the first sanctimonious twit called Murphy (may his family be the first clinical trial of retroactive birth control) for making him literally sick to the stomach three days before his bloody long overdue vacation.

Personal E-mail will be replied to at twice the usual SLA (which is, by itself, currently slated at one week to remind himself of a kind of red tape that he would very much like to get rid of).

And yeah, in retrospective Google Blog Search was pretty obvious, so don't make a big deal of it.

Get a grip.