3D Printing

I bought a Prusa kit on , and have been merrily twiddling its various bits over the years with considerable delight, since it’s a nice, slow(ish) hobby.

I suspect I’ll eventually upgrade to a Kossel once I find a kit with a decent price/performance ratio, but in the meantime here are a few things I’ve found interesting over the years.


Category Date Link Notes
Guides 2014-07 Troubleshooting Pictorial Guide
Calibration Guide
Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide
Management 2016-07 OctoPi

My current solution for both submitting jobs and minding the printer remotely using a Raspberry Pi

Slicing 2015-02 Slic3r

A Perl STL to gcode translator


The nicest slicer software for the Mac.

Tools 2014-07 RepRap Utilities

A bunch of tools to do useful calculations

2023 FusionGridfinityGenerator

a Gridfinity plugin for Fusion 360

Viewers 2014-07 thingiview

JavaScript STL file viewer

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