Summer, eh?

Allergy season is back with a vengeance, so after spending a weekend nearly senseless entertaining myself by dint of alternately sneezing my brains out and blinking bemusedly at the outside world while doped out on antihistamines, I spent most of the week’s (rather short) evenings watching canned shows.

Plus I spent the whole week whipping Trac, rebuilding LAMP stacks and chasing down all sorts of weird bugs, sometimes late into the night. Not even time to think about industry news or jot down topics of interest.

So no real fun this week. But I’ve also been diving into R, which I find refreshingly straightforward - if somewhat quirky, given that its approach to tabular data is not quite what I expected (how the heck do these people cope with irregularly sampled time series? really?).

R is currently being hyped as the hot tool for data analysis, and given that I happen to have more than a passing involvement in Big Data, it seems the natural thing to get to grips with (even though I’ll probably have a considerably hard time bolting it onto Hadoop and making the best use of it all).

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