Wiki Migration Notes - Site Features

These notes are obsolete. Most of the relevant ones were incorporated into Yaki.

Site features range from sections to specific functionality and how it should be preserved/changed:

No real need for external changes here. Maybe Trackback support, but both comments and Trackback are Spam-prone, and I have enough trouble filtering Referrers already (even 5 minutes a week is a drag). URIs should be easy to preserve.

Markup is a whole new issue, though. Textile looks pretty good, provided I can extend it to support source code syntax highlighting, image resizing and all the little doodads I added over time.


Badly needs a calendar, even though I find it easier to click around on the random column and edit the URL (it was designed for that). Albums might be interesting, but that would have to be based on EXIF tagging (i.e., no other database other than the in-picture metadata) and there is no decent EXIF tag editor (must look into PHP and Python options).


Changing to Subversion makes no real sense yet (even though Trac looks really good), and cvstrac only needs better CSS support (something I should have contributed myself ages ago).