Wiki Migration Notes - Hosting

These notes are obsolete. Most of the relevant ones were incorporated into .

Another aspect of migrating the site is considering hosting options, since I might be working in an entirely different country (or even more than one) a couple of years from now.

(the fact that I consider it far more reliable to host the site at home from my line also speaks volumes about what I think of Portuguese hosting companies, but that's not the point right now.)

Hosting would probably force me to go towards a fully barebones approach, since there are very few (i.e., practically none) hosting providers that can supply the full set of packages this site currently requires. There is also the issue of bandwidth (the site has a constant throughput hovering around 7KBps (around 64kbps), but often peaks way above 20KBps (until my 256Kbps uplink saturates).

This means around 20GB/month, which is not what I would call "low traffic".

Hosting would also have severe impact on platform selection -  would be right out, for instance, unless I was able to afford some sort of virtual machine hosting.