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ASIN:0765397536 All Systems Red
ASIN:B08FHBV4ZX Project Hail Mary
ASIN:0813595835 Ignition!
ASIN:1250194466 Creative Selection
ASIN:1491983647 Designing Distributed Systems
ASIN:B000FCK2CY Wish You Were Here
ASIN:B01HQA6EOC Norse Mythology
ASIN:0593070097 Creativity, Inc.
ASIN:1784396990 Functional Python Programming
ASIN:0356501493 The Hydrogen Sonata
ASIN:1447295374 Old Man's War
ASIN:0434003484 The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
ASIN:0575094192 The Stars My Destination

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