Scalable Vector Graphics

A resolution-independent graphics format based on XML that is becoming all the rage because people finally figured out that scaling bitmaps gives funky results.


Category Date Link Notes
Generic A long time ago SVG overview links to several viewers
SVG 1.1 Spec
Mobile SVG 1.1 Recommended Practice (via /. of all places…)
O’Reilly Net Article on SVG
SVG Essentials the book
Flash Developer dot nl
SVG-TT-Graph Perl generation of business graphs
TinyLine now gone commercial
SVGdraw a Python module
Clipart 2008 Open Clip Art Library
Playing Cards
Converters 2009 libsvgtoswf convert SVG to Flash / SWF format
svg2swf a Python converter that uses the Ming SWF generator
SVG Factory Windows
SVG To Flash
Editors 2009 Inkscape
ThinkFree Office saves as SVG using Batik