This is a spottily-updated list of miscellaneous resources I’ve come across dealing with data visualization in several forms.

The Graphs and Graphing and Visualization pages will be subsumed by this one in the fullness of time.

Ratings, when available, are entirely subjective based on my interest.


Category Date Link Rating Type Formats Notes
Dashboards 2023 Tremor N/A

A React library to build dashboards


based on Bootstrap 5

Data Manipulation 2013 dataset ★★★★ JavaScript

A library for manipulating datasets client-side (goes hand in hand with Storyboard, which is great for async processing.)

Geodata 2008 Tile server for integration with HTML, PNG

Requires Python 2.5, PIL and whatnot

2020 vizceral WebGL

a component for displaying traffic data among graph nodes on a WebGL canvas

Graphs 2009 ★★★★★ Desktop and CLI app Multiple

The quintessential graph rendering application, also available with a spiffy Mac OS X GUI

Hypergraph ★★★ Java N/A

Slow and pokey

The JavaScript Canvas Hyperbolic Tree ★★★★ JavaScript Canvas

Very good interactive navigation

Graph Gear ★★★ Viewer Flash

Might be usable after a thorough visual review

jsViz ★★★★★ JavaScript HTML

Impressively fast

Moowheel Canvas

Not much interaction, but good visuals

2011 canviz

An implementation of Graphviz for the browser

2012 Gephi ★★★★ GL

A very nice platform for interactive graphs

UbiGraph ★★★★★ OpenGL N/A

An awesome client-server approach that can handle thousands of dynamic nodes and has a number of language bindings.

2013 sigma.js JavaScript Canvas

A library for direct interaction with GEXF representations

2014 arbor.js ★★★★

Very fast.


With some interesting interactivity features.

JSNetworkX ★★★ SVG

A port of the Python networkx graph library.

vis.js ★★★★ Canvas

Can do timelines besides graphs.

GoJS Multiple

Commercial, but interesting.

Miscellaneous 2011 ★★★★★ Desktop app

Can be used to programmatically do just about anything, including graphs

Flare Multi-purpose library Flash

Can do several kinds of interactive data plots and directed/undirected graphs

Flow Map ★★★ desktop tool Multiple

Unique, as far as I know

2012 d3-cloud JavaScript SVG

A D3-powered word cloud library that might come in handy.

Multiple 2024 Plot ★★★★★ JavaScript Library SVG

D3-based, pretty amazing feature set

Scientific Visualization 2009 ★★★★ Desktop app Multiple

Focuses on statistical computing, graphics are a competent add-on.


Competent GTK app, hasn’t been updated since 2005

matplotlib ★★★★★ Python

Inspired by MATLAB. Good for publication quality output. Extremely sophisticated (and complex), looks better using this config file

MayaVi Desktop app

Heavy-duty scientific visualization tool

2011 ggplot2 ★★★★ R

Very interesting, if niche.

cinder ★★★★★ GL

Very high performance native code, with Mac/Xcode support.

d3.js JavaScript SVG

Allows for interesting interactivity.

philogl GL

WebGL library – impressive.

Timeseries 2013 Timeline JS HTML

A very nice, full-featured timeline solution.

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