3D Printing

I bought a Prusa kit on October 2014, and have been merrily twiddling its various bits over the years with considerable delight, since it’s a nice, slow(ish) hobby. I suspect I’ll eventually upgrade to a Kossel once I find a kit with a decent price/performance ratio, but in the meantime here are a few things I’ve found interesting over the years.


Category Date Link Notes
Software Jun’16 OctoPi My current solution for both submitting jobs and minding the printer remotely using a Raspberry Pi
Older Cura The nicest slicer software for the Mac.
Printrun pure Python host software
Slic3r A Perl STL to gcode translator
Tools Older RepRap Utilities A bunch of JavaScript tools to do useful calculations.
thingiview JavaScript STL file viewer
Guides Jun’16 Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide Two nice, visual guides.
Troubleshooting Pictorial Guide
Older Calibration Guide The basics.

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