Bica do Sapato

Located in Lisbon, near the Santa Apolónia train station (roughly here). Divided into cafeteria (indoor and outdoor in Summer), restaurant and Sushi Bar (in the upper floor). Considered fairly pricey, but the roomy atmosphere and great food more than make up for it.

So far, I've mostly dined in the cafeteria and sushi bar. The menus change frequently (the cafeteria is run as some sort of experimental cusine, with excellent results), and the japanese section has a "flavours night" every Wednesday in which you pick out your selections from a "buffet" list and the chef then prepares them for the required number of people (comes out at around Eur.25 per person excl. drinks).

Reservations are de rigueur. It's sometimes plagued by social wannabees, but that never detracts from the meals. Oh, and John Malkovitch is one of the owners, although I've yet to see him there.