I don’t think there’s any need to explain what “Minecraft”:Wikipedia:Minecraft is, so here are a few resources I’ve gathered on the topic.


Category Date Link Notes
Servers Oct’16 cuberite A C++ server for the desktop version
Jun’16 Spigot A Java based server
PocketMine-MP A server for the Pocket Edition, which unfortunately uses a lot of PHP for some ungodly reason
Genisys A PocketMine fork
Nukkit A Pocket Edition server written in Java
BukkitPE A fork of Nukkit
highmc A much more interesting (but incomplete) Pocket Edition server written in Go
DragonProxy A proxy that allows Pocket Edition clients to connect to standard servers
Services Jun’16 Intercraften Provides family-friendly servers and an awesome map

Installing Spigot:

mkdir minecraft
cd minecraft
wget https://hub.spigotmc.org/jenkins/job/BuildTools/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/target/BuildTools.jar
java -jar BuildTools.jar
# wait
echo "eula=true" > eula.txt
java -jar -Xms512M -Xmx1008M spigot-1.9.4.jar nogui

Current Setup:

  • Pocket Edition clients (v0.15.6)
  • Overclocked Raspberry Pi Model B+ running Nukkit atop Java 8.

This is enough for two players to frolick around a shared world, and the Pi is around 30% CPU load most of the time (probably due to miserable IO throughput from a Class 4 SD card)

Also, I’ve set things up so that I have a backup on another box:

# m h  dom mon dow   command
@reboot cd /home/pi/minecraft && java -jar nukkit-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar > /dev/null 2>&1
0 * * * * cd /home/pi/minecraft/worlds && git add . && git commit -a -m "snapshot" > /dev/null 2>&1
10 */4 * * * cd /home/pi/minecraft/worlds && git push origin master > /dev/null 2>&1

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