Node-RED is a visual programming environment that is commonly associated with IoT but which I’ve been increasingly using for prototyping and automating other things (including front-ends I’d otherwise create in AppSmith or similar).


Category Date Link Notes
Alternatives 2022 flow

an intriguing alternative

IoT 2019 Z2M Flow

An interactive dashboard for zigbee2mqtt


A possible lower-level replacement for zigbee2mqtt

Machine Learning node-red-machine-learning

A thin wrapper around Python libraries (including Tensorflow)

Messaging node-red-contrib-cotejs

A set of nodes that use the cote library for message passing

Runtimr 2022 node-red-mcu

an experimental runtime for the ESP family of MCUs

Tools 2019 DNR

An editor for distributed workflows

2021 node-red-contrib-xterm

an embedded terminal inside the admin UI


a way to package flows and deploy them as AWS lambdas

UI 2019 node-red-contrib-web-worldmap

An embedded map for the standard dashboard UI

2021 node-red-contrib-ui-joystick

a joystick control for the Node-RED dashboard

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