Interesting stuff made in Flash (which needs to be re-sorted into some more Wiki nodes):

Image Galleries

  • Adobe Media Gallery - now Open Source.
  • Monoslideshow - simple and neat. Supports XML.
  • SlideShowPro - the überviewer. Does it all, but requires you to have Flash for deployment (it's a Flash component, so your viewer will actually include this). Good XML support.
  • AutoViewer, another very nice (if bandwidth-intensive) image viewer that can superimpose captions on images (haven't tested accented characters, but apparently some are not included in the embedded Flash font).
  • Postcard Viewer - very simple, minimalist image viewer (apparently doesn't allow for changing some colors, so it's not usable against a white background).
  • Simple Viewer - image viewer with rather too aggressive pre-loading. I'm using it for my photo album.
  • Gum Blondes - amazing image viewer.
  • Thumbnail Gallery

Web Design Add-Ons

Data Visualisation