The Toshiba Satellite Pro 470CDT is one of the ancient laptops I bought a couple of years back intending to make a digital photo frame. Since it's becoming problematic to find chipset data on it, here are some base specs:

  • Base RAM: 32MB
  • CPU: Pentium 200 MMX
  • Video: Chips and Technologies CT65555 (driving an excellent 800x600 TFT)
  • Audio: Yamaha OPL3-SA3
  • CD-ROM: XM-1502B

Notes for running OpenStep on it:

  • Before beginning, change the BIOS settings:
    • hold Esc while powering on to initiate setup
    • change PCMCIA support from "16 -bit" to "PCIC" (very important, since some cards won't work without it)

The 470 CDT can run OpenStep 4.2 using the Dual EIDE driver for both CD and HD. It helps to insert PCMCIA cards during install so the PCMCIA Bus Support v4.02 and the Intel 82364 PCMCIA Adapter (v4.01 irq=5) (change to 11 to accomodate SB8) automatically install themselves.

  • Note: do NOT install the PCI-PCMCIA bus Bridge Adapter
  • For sound, SB8 irq=5  dma=1
  • The Xircom v4.03 must be set at irq=10, and mapped memory should be changed to 4k at 0xD0000 to avoid memory conflicts
  • APM was also turned off (with it on, the display only resumes by forceful toggling of internal/external output)
  • The SVGA driver supports 800x600 mode, but only in grayscale (I've yet to find a color driver for it)