Sony Ericsson M600i

The M600i is a smaller form factor UIQ phone that has some of the features of the P910 family:


Bad Points:

  • No camera (it's a business device, remember?)
  • Yet another Memory Stick format (yes, kids, it's M2!)
  • Yet another multi-tap method
  • Still uses a proprietary connector instead of a standard USB plug for syncing and charging
  • Still the same 240x320 screen
  • Bundled with McAfee anti-virus (oh, please, people...)

Good Points:

  • UMTS (but no camera, so no video-call)
  • IMAP IDLE support (besides the current trend of Push E-Mail voodoo, which might be operator-dependent)
  • Opera Browser and RSS Support (whatever that turns out to be)
  • Free VPN clients (apparently)
  • Bluetooth
  • Supports Flash Lite and SVG Tiny