Samsung NC10

Stuff that proved useful to some extent:


Date Link Notes
Apr 12 N/A Two snippets to change brightness by simulating the right keycodes:
Up: osascript -e 'tell application "System Events" to repeat 50 times' -e 'key code 113' -e 'delay 0.1' -e 'end repeat'
Down: osascript -e 'tell application "System Events" to repeat 50 times' -e 'key code 107' -e 'delay 0.1' -e 'end repeat'
Sep 18 DSDT.aml Only bit required to enable sleep on a UK model (NP-NC10-HAV1UK) after using NetbookInstaller 0.8.2. With 0.8.4 RC1, using Fn+F12 will dim the screen as well. To get Fn+Ins to work, you need to replace ApplePS2Controller.kext with VoodooPS2Controller.kext in the /Extra extensions subfolder.
VoodooPower tweak Lowers CPU consumption to allow up to 8h with 6-cell battery Screen brightness control through register settings.

Notes on 10.6.4 and NBI 0.8.4rc1

Upgrading to 10.6.4 breaks the extension cache limit and NBI hasn’t gotten an update in a while, so I resorted to more tinkering:

  • Held Shift upon boot and started typing -x recovery=y when the boot volume was displayed by Chameleon
  • Removed a bunch of core system extensions as outlined here – I don’t like doing this in the least, but these are not used anyway and were just taking up room in the extension cache:
cd /System/Library/Extensions
sudo rm -rf NVD* ATI* GeForce* AppleIntelGMAX3100*

However, sleep was then broken again and /Extra looked like nothing from the previous iterations, so I:

  • Reset DSDT.aml to my own version
  • Disabled Legacy USB support and enabled EDB in the BIOS (this may or may not have had some effect – I take it that the USB DSDT hack works around this, but still, it was one of the steps I took)
  • Removed NBI’s LidSleep.kext from NC10Ext and replaced it with an updated SleepEnabler.kext (this was most likely the one thing that got sleep working again)
  • Added back my custom VoodooPower tweak into NC10Ext
  • Optional: Removed AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext and ApplePS2Controller.kext from NC10Ext and added VoodooPS2Controller.kext to enable full brightness control with Fn+F12 and Fn+Ins at the expense of trackpad scrolling
  • Re-ran UpdateExtra to rebuild the extensions cache