Treo 600

The Treo 600 is a Palm OS 5 device with a 144MHz ARM CPU (an OMAP310) and a base 32MB of RAM.

It includes a 640x480 CCD camera and an SDIO slot (SD/MMC), with the screen being a conservative (but sensible, given the stated 6-hour talk time) 160x160.


  • The bundled Blazer browser no longer requires a proprietary proxy (makes sense - no GSM operator would trust QoS and user experience to a third-party)
  • An SMS chat view


  • No built-in Bluetooth (but unconfirmed possibility of it being added at a later revision)
  • No built-in (ROM) mail client (and talks of POP3 rather than IMAP, which makes much more sense in a mobile device with limited storage)