Nokia N97

The flagship device to kick off Nokia’s 2009, announced way too early.

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Date Link Notes
Nov 11 Nokia N97/N97 mini: part 2 – The OS, The Interface, The Apps Interesting, but there is so little to differentiate.
Nov 08 Review: Nokia N97 and N97 mini – part 1 I’m personally still not impressed with S60v5 as a whole, but the mini is somewhat usable.
Sep 7 Nokia N97 firmware 2.0 looks to squash major pain points It had better be some fancy acupuncture.
Sep 2 The Nokia N97 mini now official Maybe this means they’ve finally ironed out the bugs, starting with number 1 – the thing was the size of a shoe.
Jun 22 Nokia N97 review: a tale of two bloggers The photos are a lot more interesting than the review itself.
Jun 2 Nokia N97 hitting 75 countries in June On schedule, but still bad timing.
Mar 25 Nokia’s vision for the N97 and a new UI tour Not that impressive, really.
Mar 5 Nokia N97 at MWC – Widgets and Kinetic scrolling
Dec 6 Video Interview With N97 Product Manager Cheesy soundtrack, but interesting interview.
Dec 4 Nokia N97 hands-on part II: the reckoning Even prototypes get the blues: “Nokia has refused to revamp the OS wholesale to make way for touch devices, choosing instead to jumbo-size some button and icons, make a few tweaks here and there, and leave a few things completely – and often annoyingly – alone. While we expect ourselves to be clumsy with the OS, watching Nokia’s own best and brightest befuddled or merely hindered in execution by the interface peculiarities doesn’t bring us much hope for this generation of touchscreen phones, no matter how great the hardware may be.”
Dec 2 Nokia Announces N97 Superphone, Won’t Sell It for Months Om sees it in mostly the same way I do.
Hands on with Nokia’s iPhone killer fab quote: ”[…]each widget doesn’t really present very much useful information. It’s the CNN approach to information overload – just overload the user with even more.”
Nokia N97 – Nseries with touch and QWERTY Short overview.
Live Pictures & Video Of The Nokia N97 Looks bulky and not very speedy.
Nokia N97 hands-on A small gallery, soon followed by a video
N97 Press Release & Pictures Leaked A copy of the original press release